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Step 4: Get a new phone number
It is recommended to have a look at all offers of phone operators before you decide for a new number. There is a huge possibility for saving money here, as the competition between the providers gets harder, they are reducing prices and are offering good deals. Just remember to consider the small print as well in order not to find yourself dazzled by seemingly advantageous offers.

Downside: You will have to share your new number with all your friends and relatives and make sure they will not try to reach you on your old number. This does not cost a lot, but takes some time. However, it is a guarantee for ending phone harassment.

The last way to out of that spam nightmare is giving up your phone number and purchasing a new one. Although you have to share the new number with everyone again and explain the situation, there are some unbeatable advantages.

  1. No costs for changing
  2. no more nuisance callers
  3. cheaper conditions for your new number

If you found a good deal and got a new number, there are a few things to consider now as well:
  1. only share your number with friends and relatives
  2. do not use your number for sweepstakes and promotions
  3. avoid using your number for any service on the internet

Despite the things you have to keep in mind here, the new number is one of the best solutions if you are receiving unsolicited calls on a regular basis.

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