Legal Advice

Step 2: legal advice
Did you receive dozens of nuisance calls without ever giving your consent?It is recommended to contact a legal consultant in this case.

One way is to use the JustAnswer question box, where a lawyer can be asked for advice straight away on Ireland law. In addition, you can use google search to find a lawyer in your area.

There are different organizations and institutions helping you out as well.

The Data Protection Commissioner is in charge of the privacy of your personal information. Due to the Data Protection and the Data Protection Amendment Act, he or she can act in order to uphold individuals' rights. The Commissioner is also enabled to investigate and take action of individuals complaints about infringements.

Make a complaint to the DPC

The National Consumer Agency offers free expert information regarding consumer rights in Ireland. As they are „putting consumers first“, of course you have the possibility to report on deceptive businesses there.

File a complaint to the NCA

The NCA also advices you to contact the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations if you might have become a victim of a scam. Also inform your bank if there are illicit withdrawals from your bank account.

For issues, that consumer rights, where the company is not located in Ireland, the European Consumer Centre (ECC) can be contacted, as they are responsible for support, advice and information when you buy goods or services in another country.

File a complaint with

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