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Types of call: Survey(16) Unknown(15) Harassment calls(8) Telemarketer(1) Aggressive advertising(1)
Name / Company: MRBI (3) unknown(19) mrbi(2) Ipsos MRBI(2) unknown(1) Trinty College research(1) MBRI(1) IPSOS MRBI(1) did not answer(1) 017061200(1) The Raider(1) Unknown(1) same as before(1) Presume MRBI(1) 01-7021200(1) IPSOS(1) IPSOS/MRBI(1) None(1) Ipsos market research(1) more...
Number of comments: 51 (deleted: 2)
Search requests: 95589
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 017061200

Telephone number: 01-7061200
Owner and address: Details
City : Dublin - Ireland

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Comments for 017061200 (41 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Wookieman reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    It's sunday and these people rang me at 10.30 a.m. I googled the number and it brought me to this site. It's an absolute disgrace to be calling anyone on a sunday morning.

    Lol replied 2016-11-22 10:09:53
    Turn your phone off if you don't want to be called
    Haha replied 2017-11-25 09:08:52
    They don't open at that time on a Sunday.
  2. Experience reported Ipsos MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    As somebody who worked for this company 4 years ago I can safely say they are 100% legitimate.

    The call centre workers are usually students trying to make some extra money for college as they offer flexible hours. All answers to surveys are kept 100% anonymous unless you ask to have your name put down on the survey. If (in some very rare surveys) you are asked to give your name all you have to say is you don't want to give it.

    Also if you don't want the calls - just say you don't want to be called again. They won't ring you as it has to be reported to a supervisor and they make damn sure you won't be called again because they respect your wishes.

    Finally - be decent people. The call centre workers are not gangsters. They are students trying to make some extra income and being told "get a real job" or some intangible swear hurts a lot. You can really ruin somebody's day and I've seen people in tears over what some people have said to them.

    Just say it nicely.

    Every study is used to improve services. Why would companies pay MRBI massive sums of money to conduct studies and not use the data?

    Finally, workers have to reach a certain number of calls every day to stay employed. It could be a student who is struggling to pay the rental prices or even eat that you just slammed down the phone on. Have a little empathy and even if you can't take the call or just don't want to - swallow your frustration and remember that some people need this as a job.

  3. confused reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Got a call recently and again yesterday, Saturday afternoon, from this number. Im confused as to how they did get my number, because i purposefully do not give it out or release it for calls such as this. People should not be harassed by phone, people calling to your door etc. We should be allowed to relax, opt out of the daily rat race and commercialisim. We don't get that choice any more. Constant bombardment and invasion of privacy and well being!!

  4. Paul (Limerick) reported MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    MRBI rang me a few weeks back on behalf of Volkswagen Ireland wanting to ask me questions about the recent service of my car. I told them truthfully, that it was very inconvenient to ring me at work (I had left my mobile and work number with the garage, the latter in case the former didn't work).
    The lady was very nice and said that she would ring me back some evening.

    My mobile rang just now and I "googled" this number. When I saw the connection with MRBI, I immediately made the related connection with Volkswagen Ireland.

    I just want my privacy!

    victim of MRBI unwantd calls! replied 2015-04-27 15:56:38

    Paul, firstly, (no insult intended), but unless ypu gave the repairs' Garage permission to give your details to Volkswagen or to the MRBI, they should not have contacted you in the first instance and I believe this amounts to an infringent of your Data Protection Rights by all other parties concerned- if your private contact numbers passed on without your consent.
    I am in the process of complaining MRBI for in excess of 17 calls in less than 5 wks, from the same Survey Polling number and having promised to take my name off a 'calling list', By no less than the Consultant working on the Polling Survey for Vodafone, AND an actual
    Director of MRBI, who called me at home on a Sat afternoon and emailed me the following morning- a Sunday morning???? The calls continue to come- latest yesterday afternoon, Sunday, and they are in utter denial re what is going on- pure harassment. So if you or anyone else begins to receive calls from them , you can demand to know how they 'legally'
    received your contact details and if they cannot prove it was with your consent, the ONLY way to deal with them is via their Regulator ComReg and if relevant, via a violation of your Data Protection rights, which is indeed taken seriously by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. Good Luck- and as you state very clearly & simply - all we ALL want is our 'privacy', a concept MRBI does not seem to comprehend!
  5. Annoyed reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    This company has rang my phone 5 times this evening and I refuse to answer it. I even have the number blocked and they still ring the number. Such a nuisance.

  6. Emma reported None with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Missed call on a Sunday. I don't answer non-contact numbers on my mobile anyway. Googled. Ended up here.

  7. RobboWicklow reported IPSOS/MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    Despite telling these people to stop calling as my number is a business support line for emergency use only, they are calling up to three times a week and it is most annoying. Which part of NO I DONT WANT TO DO YOUR F***ING SURVEY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND

  8. Donkey12 reported IPSOS with the number 017061200 as Survey

    I asked why they have my number, they said it was random. They said they would not use it again when i asked for no more calls. The guy was pleasant, I was pleasant, end of.

  9. Doodlebug reported 01-7021200 with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    Scam merchants. Tell them nothing or they will sell the information on. Do not answer is best policy.

  10. Annoyed reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    I've not actually answered any calls from this number as I generally get harassed by lots of sales/marketing calls anyway and unless I recognise it, I just ignore...but I will say they are very persistent....even at weekends including 9am Saturday morning just gone by. I have 6 or 7 missed calls from the number just in the last 5 days.

  11. Chris reported MRBI with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    This company has called my work well over 100 times and I have asked them every time not to call back. I just put them on hold until they hang up if they are going to waste my time I will waste theirs

  12. Dan reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Telemarketer

    Asked to participate in the survey. The questions were too personal. Do not want to answer any question and get any more calls!

  13. Revenue Auditor reported Presume MRBI with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Received a call, which I didn't answer, from MRBI (I presume) on a private sim with 48 months that used to be with eMobile about a year ago. Never used in any sign-up capacity as is a very private number.
    If I decide to take their call, I WILL get to the bottom of it. And the caller

  14. Maureen reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    I am ex directory so how did this company get my number... how can I report this number.. I was asked to take a market survey. I said no... didn't say what the survey was for...

  15. Paul reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    4 x calls in 2 hours. Googled the number 017061200 and arrived here. Unhappy with timing of call. My phone is private and only used for family reasons. Not happy they got my number as friends dont even have it.

  16. Niamh reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Received call from this number, didn't answer as I never answer unkown numbers, googled number and arrived here.

  17. Baza reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    I got 10 calls from this number in the past 24 hours alone. They don't even have the decency to call at reasonable times. They've rang at 11pm, on weekends and even during work hours the past two weeks.

    Disgraceful behaviour from them.

  18. gigi reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    called me on sunday morning when i'm only asleep 4 hours after doing a night shift!!! no message left. googled the number and found it here. like others have said i have never given my permission to be contacted by any company for market research purposes. i have blocked their number on my phone so hopefully i never hear from them again.

  19. BabaBooey reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    As trustworthy as a cat with a canary

  20. iasc beag reported MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    I just told them I don't do surveys.

  21. Harassment reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Sunday calls I am not a fan of, if I receive another sunday/weekend call I will lose my mind. A piece of advice for the inconsiderate people calling; For accurate market research, don't call people on a Sunday! Absolutely ridiculous!

  22. steemboat reported The Raider with the number 017061200 as Aggressive advertising

    Call on a Sunday night at 9.50pm, from MRBI, snotty attitude, no apologies for calling late, my number was ex directory. Can understand people working hard to enhance their business. Unfortunately, this is not the way to conduct your business and they should know better than others.

  23. Jessie reported same as before with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    How do I stop them without changing my number.

    steamboat replied 2015-09-14 15:15:44
    Invest in an Iphone and you can block the number in the settings.When they call there is no sound end of.
  24. Concerned Citizen 1 reported Unknown with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    Rang my sons private number
    It's given to no one . Bill phone but only known to 3 people !
    utter disgrace as his 13 years old but needs a phone as always on youtube as ready to go was eaten all his allowance
    ((5G in month is like unlimited for him))
    Be warned they are randomly dialing or getting personal information from phone network (Emobile)

  25. Jessie reported Trinty College research with the number 017061200 as Survey

    I never want any unsolicited calls. I always tick boxes opting out of these so don't know where they got my number. Hope they will leave me alone.

  26. Feckoff reported 017061200 with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    Call received on 18 June at 20:47. Leave us alone with your surveys.

  27. marlo reported mrbi with the number 017061200 as Survey

    This is a phishing scam. It's in your best interests not to give these scumbags any information.

  28. David reported did not answer with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    They are being investigated at the moment do not answer these calls

  29. Robuscus reported IPSOS MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    Got two phone calls today and the seccond. Have received calls before from them. Answered their questions. Was about my mobile service provider and how I rate them and their different services. Asked a few thinngs I wasn't happy about like location and my living arrangements. Won't answer any more surveys again. Don't know how they got my number.

  30. avionne reported mrbi with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    They ring me each night and day. Its so annoying I'm too scared to answer it because I know they're con men.

  31. Adam reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    This is beyond a joke now, I blocked the number after the 2nd call and they have continued to call me from as early as 11am right up to 9pm at night on any day, and have done so 23 times and it's bloody disgraceful

  32. xxx reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    Rejected their call on a Sunday morning.

  33. fedup reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    rang five times today,i never answer as I know they are dodgy,seems to make them mad if you don't answer.been ringing for months now.they have to be stopped.

  34. Amy reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Harassment calls

    is there a reason why i keep getting missed calls from this number every few days - this is going on months now!

  35. Nummerdetailseite_Leaderboard_Kommentarliste_3: 0 complain
  36. nobody reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    very annoying guys, they keep calling me since a few weeks back at *everytime*, when I'm at work, at night time, on sat/sun morning, etc.. , I don't usually get the enough time to pick the calls up either..

  37. JohnH reported MBRI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    9PM Tuesday night. MBRI conducting market research

  38. sheilhan reported Ipsos market research with the number 017061200 as Unknown

    I have received several calls from this number in past 10 days and am fed up with it. It doesn't ring long enough for me to answer and when I called back I got an answering service which didn't tell me who it was. Don't call me again!

  39. bigbadaboom reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    Ipsos trying to make survey at 8:30 pm. That's a disgrace to call so late.

    When asked how they got my number, just said the system generates random number. Bullshit.

    Asked to have my number removed.

  40. akmers reported unknown with the number 017061200 as Survey

    UPC... -.-' market research bureau of ireland

  41. Russell Armstrong reported Ipsos MRBI with the number 017061200 as Survey

    This number is registered to Ipsos MRBI (Market Research Bureau of Ireland)
    Please be assured that our calls to you are genuine and you are an important part of our market research,

    Kind regards

    myles replied 2014-05-08 21:11:11
    so why ring a number a few times a day. number blocked will report to com reg if this persists
    Tess replied 2014-08-08 23:20:59
    Makes sense to call a girl 8 times in a row at 8.44pm on a friday night. I DARE ye to ring me again.
    Annoyed replied 2014-09-10 15:20:37
    The fact that I haven't answered any of the 5 calls yesterday your company still persists to ring me even after I block the number. I will be reporting this company and advise others in the same situation to do so.
    mark replied 2014-09-20 18:04:33
    Burn In Hell You Con Man. 10 pm on a friday. Scum
    Corkonian replied 2015-04-27 16:05:44
    This above comment which is confusing as purports to be from MRBI- whom are harassing me for over a month now, with multiple calls from their Survey Poliing number, for various 'paying Client Companies'.
    People- please complain MRBI to their Regulatory Body COMREG and or the Data Protection Commission, otherwise, they WILL continue to call you incessantly on an 'automatic dialler'- their excuse for you being continually called and harassed- it is totally unprofessional and I am appalled to see how many people on this website alone are being harassed by this company. It is indeed MRBI, but they will continue calling you, even at weekends, unless you take action to stop them via ComReg or Data Protection complaint. Good Luck!
    Caitlyn replied 2016-03-02 23:11:14
    Please stop calling me at 9pm, got small kids. Also where and how did you or your company get my number in the first place?!

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