phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. Let's imagine your phone rings without break, you can't enjoy even a single heartbeat in silence. What do you do when unsolicited calls grind down your every nerve? Do you ignore calls or do you answer them? And above all: Who calls you? Rest assured, you are not the only one to suffer such annoyances. For this very reason, aims to divulge the spam and scam callers by providing a plattform for all those who must endure the harassment of telemarketers and other dubious entrepreneurs. Not only does tellows attempt to present its users with the most up to date information on the nuisance callers, but also provides the instrument to point at the callers location.

Recently added comments

  1. Knysna 39 reported unknown with the number 016450569 as Harassment calls

    We think this is a bogey

    016450569 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 1
  2. Paulok reported Blanchardstown hospital physiotherapy with the number 016465856 as trustworthy number

    Physiotherapy in blanchardstown hospital

    016465856 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 1
  3. P Sweeney reported DHL with the number 018448220 as trustworthy number

    DHL shipment customs charges and VAT information

    018448220 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 1
  4. jeff reported "US Treasury Dept" with the number 505050505 as Cost trap

    Clearly a scam, and a fake number. A federal government would never call to offer grant money.

    505050505 (Roscrea) - View details and comments - 1
  5. Suraj reported unknown with the number 016115404 as Unknown

    Received call from this number and when picked, number was ringing out and than picked up but there was no answer from another side. I won't trust this one.

    016115404 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 5

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

In order to achieve our goals it is imperative to sum up every information available on the callers. That's when you come into play. By sharing your knowledge on spam and scam numbers in form of comments and your ratings you feed a complex alghorithm that not only produces the tellows-score but also gives advice on the trustworthiness of the numbers calling you. But at the end of the day, it will your participation that will generate the amount of information needed to save people before they suffer the consequences of being scammed. Share your knowledge and, therewith, negate the scammers greatest advantage that is the people's ignorance.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Beeper reported unknown with the number +35319015261 as trustworthy number

    call me every day also! absolute b***sterds... whats the name of the company?

    +35319015261 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 8
  2. Michael Egan reported unknown with the number 014649100 as Debt collection company

    Same as reviews the above.
    Belmont Solicitors/cobat same thing.
    Got the letter last week saying they'll bring me to court and take everything even the house oh and the sheriff will me round. It's an old dead from Halifax bank about €800 and now the calls. Just block the number and ignore the letters

    014649100 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 4
  3. L.H. reported unknown with the number 016631748 as trustworthy number

    Caller did call back, it was for an actual purpose which I had requested myself, so this is a trustworthy number.

    016631748 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 2
  4. Anto reported unknown with the number 012076100 as Unknown

    This number keep ringing then tries to send a fax, weird!

    012076100 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 5
  5. Carol reported unknown with the number 01455243343 as Unknown

    I tend not to answer calls if I don't recognise the number. Am receiving lots of call, I never reply to them as I don't want to waste my redit.

    01455243343 (Dublin) - View details and comments - 2


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