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    We've all had to deal with the same thing. Let's imagine your phone rings without break, you can't enjoy even a single heartbeat in silence. What do you do when unsolicited calls grind down your every nerve? Do you ignore calls or do you answer them? And above all: Who calls you? Rest assured, you are not the only one to suffer such annoyances. For this very reason, aims to divulge the spam and scam callers by providing a plattform for all those who must endure the harassment of telemarketers and other dubious entrepreneurs. Not only does tellows attempt to present its users with the most up to date information on the nuisance callers, but also provides the instrument to point at the callers location.

    New unwanted phone numbers

    On tellows, thousands of phone numbers are reported by the community every day. Here you can find phone numbers that were reported for the first time and were classified as unwanted.
    1. Ray Cokery has been reported with number ‎0868285957 as Harassment calls

      12/5/23, 1:16 PM

      Tried contacting me twice through phonecall on WhatsApp. I do not know this person. Blocked and repo...

      2 Ratings for 0868285957 (O2 Ireland)
    2. some trading company has been reported with number ‎0896184267 as Telemarketer

      12/5/23, 1:16 PM

      they said their company is expanding to Hungary and want to give me information. i told i'm not inte...

      1 Rating for 0896184267 (Virgin Media)
    3. The number ‎018408157 has been assigned to unknown

      12/5/23, 2:00 PM

      I answered the phonecall but I said nothing. They hung up straight away. Probably a scam call....

      1 Rating for 018408157 (Dublin)
    4. The number ‎015727045 has been assigned to unknown

      12/5/23, 3:59 PM


      1 Rating for 015727045 (Premium Rate)
    5. The number ‎0861600812 has been assigned to unknown

      12/5/23, 6:42 PM


      1 Rating for 0861600812 (O2 Ireland)

    Recently added comments

    1. The number ‎0861600812 has been assigned to unknown

      12/5/23, 6:42 PM

      1 Rating for 0861600812 (O2 Ireland)
    2. The number ‎015727045 has been assigned to unknown

      12/5/23, 3:59 PM

      1 Rating for 015727045 (Premium Rate)
    3. Forrest Motors has been reported with number ‎8408157 as Trustworthy number

      12/5/23, 3:37 PM

      From Forrest Motors in Swords

      1 Rating for 8408157 ()
    4. Intrum has been reported with number ‎018692226 as Harassment calls

      12/5/23, 2:48 PM

      Keep ringing and nobody there when I answer

      16 Ratings for 018692226 (Dublin)
    5. JAj reported SKY with the number ‎014198686 as Trustworthy number

      12/5/23, 2:23 PM

      Had a Sky technician to fix problem with Q box and it was a follow up call

      1 Rating for 014198686 (Dublin)

    Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

    In order to achieve our goals it is imperative to sum up every information available on the callers. That's when you come into play. By sharing your knowledge on spam and scam numbers in form of comments and your ratings you feed a complex alghorithm that not only produces the tellows-score but also gives advice on the trustworthiness of the numbers calling you. But at the end of the day, it will your participation that will generate the amount of information needed to save people before they suffer the consequences of being scammed. Share your knowledge and, therewith, negate the scammers greatest advantage that is the people's ignorance.

    Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

    1. Anon reported Vodafone with the number ‎012037000 as Aggressive advertising

      12/4/23, 1:48 PM

      Got several calls from said number. Once I accepted the call and it was some dude with a hard to understand accent claiming to be Vodafone and asking for my details from the get-go. Stay away

      42 Ratings for 012037000 (Dublin)
    2. Laptop reported Paul with the number ‎0830395694 as SMS spam

      11/16/23, 11:32 AM

      Oh, Pp strikes again! Viber, WhatsApp now SMS - BLOCKED!!!
      Pp - aka Paul the Pest has sent me 2 messages over the past few weeks, now blocked on all above . . . His message starts off with . Good Morning/ Afternoon sexy legs..... he copies and pastes the text . . . DO NOT ENGAGE - Preditor, just read all comments.
      If you do reply, he will start a conversation starting with an excuse, being polite ... just do not engage.

      27 Ratings for 0830395694 (3 Ireland)
    3. The number ‎09728410 has been assigned to unknown

      12/1/23, 7:02 PM

      Called on Fri night. I did not answer. No voicemail left. Phone flagged number as spam & calling from Belmullet. There'd be no reason for me to be getting a call from there, especially not on a Friday eve.

      4 Ratings for 09728410 (Belmullet)
    4. Ray Cokery has been reported with number ‎0868285957 as Harassment calls

      12/5/23, 1:50 PM

      His name shows up as Paul Coc kery on WhatsApp (last name is all one word, no space in between). Seems like a creep. Didn't answer any of the multiple phonecalls.

      2 Ratings for 0868285957 (O2 Ireland)
    5. iPhone reported unknown with the number ‎0851889858 as SMS spam

      11/26/23, 10:51 AM via iPhone App

      SCAM text

      2 Ratings for 0851889858 (Meteor, eircom Mobile)

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